Sire (Dark Days, MARRy, Helsinki)

You’ve got to be a brave mind if you wish to trace Dj Sire’s past, present and future escapades in electronic music. For the adventurous, certain spots in the map can be given and, geographically, the UK would be a place to start with many relevant cultural crossroads.

Sire has lived and played through a number of musical phenomes originating in the UK, from his early exploits with the experimental dance music scene to the rise and heights of UK based bass music with many of its offshoots. But with Dj Sire there was, and still is always multiple musical patterns, one upon the other.

So you think you’ve traced him, but hearing him again, for example in the bi-weekly Dark Days radio show on Finland’s Bassoradio FM, he may appear to have taken another Step Ahead. Or did he escape backwards in time, into that darkest corner of a warehouse rave? And you are left there wondering, surrounded by the smoke of the machine, blaming your own mind vulnerable for categorization. Techno didn’t die, you come to understand, nor did the experiments in sound. The music was always there.