O Samuli A live

O Samuli A live

O Samuli A live (Power Nap Productions)

Finnish sound artist and lo-tek veteran O Samuli A produces electronic music ranging from soothing dumbient soundscapes to funky chipstep bleeps and $tyles. O Samuli A was born in 1995 from the union of a cheap home keyboard and a tape recorder and has since evolved into a multifaceted peräkammarielectronica extravaganza in full bloom.

The lean but strangely hulky sound palette of O Samuli A’s Green Label Series EP trilogy (Power Nap Productions 2011-2013) shows recognizably crunchy traces of it’s original sound sources (Nanoloop for Nintendo DS and Yamaha Portasound) but keeps at a healthy distance from orthodox lo-tek thinking.

On the Green Label Series EPs O Samuli A strips the echoes off Dubstep and forces Wonky back to a tight motorik grid, the outcome something refreshingly detached from the going-ons of the surrounding electronic dance music world, easiest described as “Dancehall, had it evolved, not in the suburbs of Kingston, but the head of a Finnish guy with a battery powered home keyboard”.

File under: Gridstep, Nu-Hapokas, Dumbient, Bleeps and $tyles.