Katja Adrikova (EST)

Katja Adrikova (EST)

Katja Adrikova (MÜRK, Estonia)

Katja Adrikova is one of the few Estonian female DJ´s who mostly play techno. Inspired by the Berlin vibe, she was determined to add that special something to Estonian dancefloors.

Her music style can be described as dark, mysterious, bassy, rough… She keeps you in the dark with her music, shedding subconscious layers little by little.

Being in the music scene for about five years, in 2013 she was invited to be a resident in the MÜRK family (Denis Punch, 1DER&, Artur Lääts and others). Before that she was a resident DJ in the club “Vabandust” (“Sorry”).

Throughout the years she has been playing at Estonian festivals and parties like Hea Uus Heli series, Hoov´s Tähelaev, Patareiv, Kultuuritolm, hosting Hobuseunenägu, Love Pony, etc.

Her mixtape was aired in the autumn of 2013, on the radio show called Electric Cafe, hosted by Denis Punch. He described the music as comatose, dark and heavy. As 2014 kicked off she has already been to Riga, playing with Ksenia Kamikaza and other Baltic female DJ´s, celebrating Women’s Day.

In the summer 2014 she is looking forward to play and visit different festivals in Estonia and abroad.